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It’s easy to become a member with us, simply choose your preferred membership below by clicking on the link and follow the steps. Your welcome pack will arrive shortly in the post with your card!

We’re making these attainable by giving you options in the way you get your hair done and creating a culture of confidence and beauty.
As a member of Sarah Barrett, you get beautiful hair, everyday. Our membership’s allow you to enjoy our services, without the stress of wondering how much it will cost.

We have three different memberships available. Pearl, Gold or Black

Pearl Monthly £43 / Pearl Yearly £430

Sarah Barrett Pearl Membership

Pearl Premium Services

  • Cutting
  • 10% off Retail

GOLD Monthly £108 / GOLD Yearly £1080

Sarah Barrett Gold Membership

Gold Premium Services

  • Cutting
  • Colour
  • 10% off Retail

BLACK Monthly £199 / BLACK Yearly £1990

Sarah Barrett Black Membership

Black Premium Services

  • Cutting
  • Colour
  • Weekly Blow Dry
  • Botanical Treatments
  • 10% off Retail


What is a Sarah Barrett Membership?
We offer an inclusive membership that gives you access to premium services at members-only pricing. Our promise is to ensure your hair is continually maintained and in top condition throughout the year.

What’s the difference between Monthly / Yearly?
Monthly allows you to pay via a monthly direct debit, Yearly allows you to pay in full, saving you 2 monthly payments compared to the paying Monthly rate. Do you save or double save…?

Having additional services that aren’t included in my membership?
Services that aren’t included in your membership will be charged at point of sale, re blow drys, treatments, home care.

Is it really unlimited?   
Yes really, it’s unlimited. You can come in as often as you want. Just remember, our promise is to ensure your hair is continually maintained and in top condition throughout the year, we will recommend the correct interval between appointments to allow us to achieve this. Excessive appointments will incur extra charges.

What if I want to cancel or postpone my appointment?
If you cancel or postpone an appointment, your members fee will remain the same.

Can I request a specific Consultant?
We make every attempt to accommodate your requests while prioritizing you getting the most out of your membership. A surcharge of £30 will be applicable at point of sale when booking appointments with Sarah.

How long does my membership last?
Memberships last for 12 months and can be renewed before expiry, we will send you a reminder before.