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Coronavirus (Covid-19) Information

Updated 24 May 2020

Dear friends of the Sarah Barrett community,
As many of you will now know, further to government instruction, businesses in the hospitality sector including “hairdressers” have been given the date of 4th July earliest for reopening. This is of course, all based on the fact that the infection & R rate continues to fall/remain under control. As such we feel it slightly premature to start taking bookings for exact dates.

We would like to reiterate, if you already had an appointment scheduled you need not to worry or take any action as you’ve already been placed onto our priority list.

If you didn’t have an appointment already scheduled, please email us if you haven’t already done so and we will add you to our priority list.

We will be in touch with you to schedule a convenient appointment as soon as we have a definitive date for reopening.

In the coming weeks we will also update you with our progress on adapting our salons to be as safe as possible along with required protocols.

Lastly, thank you so much for all of the delightful and positive emails. We very much appreciate it!

Be safe, keep well and be strong!

Love always,
Sarah & Jack