Nail salon Winchester

We have very high standards here in our nail salon in Winchester. We want you to experience treatments performed with the greatest care using the highest quality products. Keep your perfect ten looking amazing with us and our range of manicure and pedicure treatments. Get a unique manicure and pedicure in our nail salon today.

Manicure for every occasion

A manicure ensures your hands look their best for special occasions, but also for everyday use. 

Luxe SB Manicure

Nails will be filed, cuticles soaked and removed. Our luxurious Ila spa revitalising scrub will be applied to remove dead skin, followed by a hand peel that smoothed, improves elasticity and appearance. 

The application of one of our nail friendly, organic polishes will be applied followed by a relaxing hand massage using our Ila spa hand balm.  

Polish manicure 60 mins £46.00
Gel manicure 75 mins £49.50

SB Manicure

File, cuticle work & polish. 

With this type of manicure, your nails and cuticles are perfected before choosing a colour. Varnish will be applied after tidying and polishing your nails. Now you have the perfect nail manicure for any occasion.

Polish manicure 45 mins £27.50
Gel manicure 60 mins £29.50

The Speedy Manicure

Quick manicure in 3 steps! 

    Nails are filed, cuticles are tidied, application of a nail colour of your choice. First-class results for people short on time 

Polish manicure 30 mins £25.00
Gel manicure 30 mins £28.00

The Naked Manicure

Same as SB manicure excluding the polish application. This is the perfect treat for any nails.

30 mins  £25.00

The Detox Manicure

File, cuticle work with hot towel application for intense oil absorption, followed by a relaxing hand massage. 

Polish manicure 45 mins  £39.00
Gel manicure 60 mins £42.50


A pedicure will be one of your favourite treatments. Trust us, there is nothing better than a relaxing and professional pedicure for tired feet. 

Luxe SB Pedicure

Feet will be immersed in warm water to relax the senses. Our luxurious Ila revitalising scrub will remove dry skin which will then be followed by your chosen nail polish. The final stage of this treatment will be a comforting foot massage to improve blood circulation and reduce any tension. 

Polish manicure 75 mins £54.50
Gel manicure 90 mins £58.00

SB Pedicure

Soaking of the feet, exfoliation, filing and polish. 

Polish manicure 60 mins £37.50
Gel manicure 75 mins £39.50

Naked Pedicure

Same as SB pedicure excluding nail polish application. 

45 mins £30.00

Speedy Pedicure

Quick pedicure in 3 steps!

Maximum results for people short on time

Polish manicure 30 mins £29.00
Gels manicure 45 mins £32.00

Detox Pedicure

File, cuticle work with hot towel application for intense oil absorption, followed by an invigorating for massage and polish. 

Polish manicure 45 mins £44.50
Gels manicure 60 mins £49.00

Gel nail removal – hands/feet

This offer also includes gel nail removal for both hands and feet.

15 mins £10