Sarah Barrett Wellness Retreat
15th-22nd May 2020
Casa Lucia, Corfu, Greece
What To Expect
Morning and afternoon yoga, Organic breakfast and lunch, Ila spa treatments, Tai chi, Qigong and Optional guided bedtime meditation with candlelit lanterns.

Sarah Barrett Wellness Retreat 15th-22nd May 2020

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The Place

Casa Lucia “An island within an island” a unique and tranquil sanctuary appealing to all ages and nationalities. It is pure bliss, run by Val OsbourneAndroutsopoulou and her daughter Zoe Valerie. Casa Lucia is just a 3km drive to the sea.

The Benefits

A seven day journey, taking time out for a healthier lifestyle. A total getaway to deeply relax, rejuvenate and take care of your mind and body. To embrace positive life changes.

What To Expect







About The Teachers

Thierry Lambert

Thierry Lambert has been practicing yoga for 15 years. He qualified as a teacher in 2009 with the Inner Yoga Trust. The training encourages students to build a daily practice and to incorporate the ethics of the yoga philosophy into their life.

“yoga came into my life when I was struggling with depression and anxiety. It woke me up and made me realise that my lifestyle and habits were creating the difficulties. Gradually as my awareness increased I started to change and beside yoga I also changed my diet and started to study Macrobiotics.”

With our hectic lives there is a need to learn how to look after ourselves. Away from the stresses of modern living, a week of yoga is the perfect way to unwind and replenish our bodies, so you can get that zest for life again.


Valerie Osborne-Androutsopoulou

“I was first introduced to t’ai chi by my great friend Caroline Merry who in 1979 showed me the form that she was then learning in London from Pytt Geddes, the first person to teach t’ai chi in England.  When the renowned teacher Tew Bunnag was invited to Corfu, I went to his first class and have continued learning with him ever since.  For several years I have been a qualified teacher of the European School of T’ai Chi Ch’uan, and together with Saskia Prifti, we organize and teach the local Corfu group.  Tew himself now concentrates more on the applications of t’ai chi and Qigong to our everyday lives and this is an aspect of the art that I find most rewarding and fulfilling”.

“I count myself lucky to have had Tew Bunnag, Pytt Geddes, Caroline Merry, Lito Seferiadi and Napoleon Xifara as my main teachers.  I try to follow the dictum: Receive, absorb, pass it on”.


  • 8.00 - 9.30am

    Morning yoga session with Thierry Lambert.

  • 9.30 - 11.00am

    Organic breakfast.

  • 2.00 - 3.00pm

    Daily Organic lunch, to include a vegetarian option.

  • 6.00 - 7.00pm

    Early evening Yoga session with Thierry Lambert.

  • 10.00pm

    Optional late meditation session before bedtime to calm the mind .

 T’ai Chi sessions will be offered Tuesday and Thursday at 11am -12pm.

Casa Lucia is a converted olive press. The buildings were lovingly restored and converted by Architect Dennis Androutsopoulas. They consist of a collection of beautiful but simple cottages with oodles of Corfiot charm. The cottages can accommodate 2-3 friends together. There are also 2 available cottages for single occupancy.
The gardens are simply beautiful. Abundant with olive trees, bougainvillea, roses, geranium, citrus, peach, and fig flourish around green lawns. Bignonia, jasmine, and vines provide shade and screen the sparkling pool.
BA flights are daily from Heathrow, London. EasyJet flights are daily from Gatwick, London.
We recommend Bambooza, run by Helen and Costas. They will be happy to deliver a car to Casa Lucia for you. Contact +30 2661 093601.
Please could you kindly advise us if you have any dietary requirements, allergies or health issues.
The event room has high ceilings, vaulted arches and thick stone walls. Equipment for yoga is provided here including mats, blocks and belts.


QiGong literally means working with breath and constitutes an immense variety of exercises that teach us to expand and use our breathing to create and store energy or “chi”, thus promoting relaxation, improved blood circulation, heart regulation and many other benefits to our health and well-being.   They are usually performed standing, but can also be done sitting or lying down if necessary.  T’ai Chi is a moving QiGong.

T’ai Chi  Ch’uan is an internal  martial art, originating in China and based on the I Ching (Book of Changes) employing the interplay of  Yin and Yang and the qualities of the  Five Elements (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water).   Familiar to most people as a series of movements practised in slow motion, it is often referred to as Meditation in Movement.   However  the forms should progress  gradually from the slow (Earth), to flowing (water), and the fast martial (fire).  Action is coordinated with the breath and the overall aim is relaxation through awareness and soft concentration to develop a  joyous mind in an energetic body.  “Ch’uan” meaning a fist reminds us that it is an art of fighting/self-defense, but learning to spar is to learn how to use our own energy and that of our partner in wisdom and compassion.

One of the great advantages of QiGong and T’ai Chi is that it can only get better and more interesting as we grow older.

ILA Face & Body Therapy

Ila is about sharing, with women and men around the world, the ability to self-care, love and honour the individual essence within each one of us, loving who we are in all our completeness, so that each one of us can shine. What could be more beautiful than that? To be luminously ourselves. To enjoy a harmony between mind, body and spirit. To live in a state of grace.

We pledge to care sensitively for your energy levels and soul body, as well as for your skin.

We believe society needs to re-remember what ‘beauty’ truly means, and we hope our products provide a path for you to remember too.

How Do I Sign Up?

Retreat cost £1250.00 pp. To reserve your place, a £250 deposit is required upon booking. The remainder of the balance will fall due 28th February 2020. Payment plans available if required. Please note flights are not included in the price.